Aboud killed in accident

ART student George Aboud Jnr, 28, son of millionaire businessman George Aboud, died instantly after being pitched from his motorcycle in Chaguaramas, early yesterday morning.

Weeping relatives stood comforting each other near the scene of the gruesome accident, in which Aboud Jnr's body was severed from the torso, after it struck a length of cable connected to an electricity pole at the side of the road.

"He was a good son...a very caring person and I shall miss him very much," stated Aboud Snr, who owns Starlite Shopping Plaza in Diego Martin, Tropical Plaza in San Fernando and Centre City Mall in Chaguanas.

Police sources told Sunday Newsday that Aboud Jnr was leaving the 'Bazodee Friday' fete at Pier 1, Chaguaramas when he met death.

According to police reports, around 3.30 am while going around a sharp bend in the road near the Kayak Centre in Chaguaramas, Aboud Jnr's yellow sports-model motorcyle struck a bump, causing his body to be hurled through the air and onto a stabilising-cable,  connected to an electricity pole at the side of the road. Death was instantaneous.

Passing motorists who saw the accident, telephoned Carenage police and a team of officers led by Snr Supt Selwyn Glasgow and including Insp Walker, Cpl Walters and PC Seepersad visited the scene.

Other persons who were leaving the same party at Pier 1, slowed their vehicles and looked in horror as officers hurriedly covered Aboud Jnr's body. DMO Dr Gill Robertson viewed the body and ordered it removed to the Port-of-Spain Mortuary, where an autopsy done yesterday revealed Aboud Jnr died of haemorrhage and trans-section (severing) of the body .

The autopsy was carried out by pathologist Dr Neville Jankey. Cpl Walters is continuing investigations.

Aboud Jnr lived with his parents George Aboud Snr and Maria Aboud in Westmoorings and was the brother of Gerald, Edward, Rebecca and Gabrielle. He was reportedly studying Art in the United States.

However, police sources told Sunday Newsday that Aboud Jnr  was charged with possession of marijuana in January and was due to re-appear before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate at the end of the month. Aboud Jnr was out on $70,000 bail.

He will be buried tomorrow, following a funeral service at St Theresa's RC Church, Woodbrook.


"Aboud killed in accident"

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