George Alleyne columns great

THE EDITOR: The shifting of the George Alleyne column from Sunday to Wednesday has not affected the magnitude of the writer at all. Instead, like fine wine, the veteran journalist is getting better and better.

With this in mind, I will comment on the October 22 edition which dealt with the 20-year commemoration of the 1983 Grenada crisis; a very comprehensive article. It is well connected to the high handedness of Washington with regards to sovereign states it views as obstacles to its own interest. What was instructive about certain paragraphs is the frank admission that the Caribbean Democratic Union faction of the Caricom countries did not invite Mr Reagan to send American troops to invade Grenada on October 25 1983. The late Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Bridgetown was branded in the most undiplomatic of terms by the late Barbadian Prime Minister JMGM “Tom” Adams. The 107 countries which voted with Trinidad and Tobago against the US invasion at the United Nations level will be heartened by the fact that sanctions against the Bernard Coard led Revolutionary Military Council would have the effect of bringing that regime to its knees. Right wing politicians or conservatives have no regard for world opinion simply because they felt that getting around checks and balances have no enormous side effects, until the aftermath of the war in Iraq.



"George Alleyne columns great"

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