Woman, 45, beaten to death

Police arrested a 30-year-old man for questioning about the murder. Rambhar Narine, 45, was struck several times to the head while she washed clothes. She collapsed and died on the spot.

Police believe the mother was attacked because of a domestic violence case which was scheduled for hearing in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Police report a neighbour recalled seeing Narine, at about 6 am, washing downstairs her home, located next to the Rochard Douglas cemetery. Other neighbours reported hearing a loud noise at Narine’s home.

One of them Samdaye Bachu shouted out to Narine to find out if she was alright. It was about 6.15 am. Bachu got no reply and telephoned Narine, but no one answered.

Bachu then went over to Narine’s house where she found her bloodied body on the ground. Her face was bashed in and an iron rim lay next to her. More neighbours began gathering by that time.

Bachu’s husband Dhanraj said his wife and Narine always chatted with each other every morning.

“Every single morning my wife and Rambhar (Narine) chat while she washes her clothes. So this morning when she did not answer, my wife became very concerned.

“My wife went by her fence and called out to her again and when Rambhar did not answer, my wife went back upstairs and telephoned her.

“But when she did not answer our calls, we decided to go by her house. There was blood everywhere and Rambhar was not moving,” said Dhanraj.

Before her death, Narine had been the victim of crime before. First, her husband Narine Babwah was murdered in Gasparillo on Carnival Monday night in 2002.

Babwah was a MTS security guard and was confronted by a group of men whom he had refused permission to use the washroom at the Gasparillo Hindu Primary School.

And lately, she has been a victim of domestic violence for which she filed a report that was to be heard in the magistrates’ court on Monday. Narine’s mother Vashti Gobin, 63, screamed when she learnt of her death.

Gobin said she last spoke to her daughter at about 3.30 pm on Thursday.

Narine had purchased some tablets and fabric for her. “I was coming by my daughter today to collect the pills and sheeting, but look what happen,” Gobin cried.

District Medical Officer Dr Bijai Balliaram examined Narine and had her body taken to the Forensic Science Centre, St James for an autopsy on Monday.


"Woman, 45, beaten to death"

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