Terror sings last note

Born in Anguilla Village, Arouca, Terror was crowned calypso king in 1966 when he performed the songs “Pan Jamboree” and “Last Year’s Happiness”.

Errol Peru, Lord Relator and David Cuffy were the men responsible for bringing Terror’s “plight” to the fore last year when Terror was warded at the St James Infirmary. Peru told Newsday, “Terror’s only regret since he went to the home in Curepe was that Michael Legerton, Tuco’s president, did not pay him a visit. When Terror was looking for help nobody was interested and it was not until Newsday did a story that people made a move.”

Peru continued, “I think Terror did everything possible to carry his name in the world of calypso and no one can replace his wit, humour or commentary, let alone his golden voice. Terror batted a very good innings but it is hard to see people who contributed so much to help build Trinidad and Tobago all end up poor or in a home.”

Patrick Arnold president of Pan Trinbago said, “The late Terror made an invaluable contribution to the pan movement through his songs like ‘Pan Talent’ and ‘Steelband Jamboree.’

“We at Pan Trinbago have to meet with TUCO and Terror’s wife to see how best we can handle the funeral arrangements.”


"Terror sings last note"

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