Parents, pastors called in school

A parent whose 12-year-old daughter attends the school said the episode happened last Thursday after the students were rehearsing a dance for a competition today.

Relating what she was told, the parent said after practice the students remained in the library talking. One of the children told the group that one of her relatives knew Obeah and she said, her daughter told the student “God will not like that.”

Another child said they should form a circle and pray. It was while doing this that a student saw something on the roof which looked like “a diamond with a shadow over it.”

The parent said her daughter reported that “something came into her.” A pupil ran to a teacher and raised an alarm. The principal and teachers rushed to the library and saw students writhing on the ground, some were choking, and one girl “spoke in a man’s voice.”

Parents were contacted to collect their children.

The parent said what she saw at the school disturbed her. “Whatever she was saying you could not understand, they were trying to calm her and she was fighting them. Eventually they subdued her and then the pastors came and prayed with her.”

There were representatives of the Christian, Muslim and Hindu faiths present who were invited by parents.

The parent said her daughter was badly affected by the incident. “She is talking about things we do not know about. She talks about a bald head man she is seeing.”

She also does not remember what happened. She has decided to keep her daughter home this week.

The parent said the school is located at the back of a cemetery. She said there have been other strange happenings at the school in the past.

Last Friday morning an inter-faith service was held at the school’s compound.


"Parents, pastors called in school"

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