FBI has ‘Trini terror list’

Some of the suspects are linked to the Jamaat Al Muslimeen. FBI sources said yesterday that Interpol has been assisting in compiling some of the information for the FBI officers. The list, it is said, details some of the suspicious activities the suspects have been involved in since last year.

The information includes activities by one man who travelled to the Middle East, Pakistan, Venezuela and Cuba to solicit funds to carry out alleged terrorist acts against the US Government.

The travel records of the man has been documented on how many times he has travelled out of Trinidad, the countries he has visited, the people he met, and some of his international connections.

The bank records of the man are also in the possession of the FBI officers.

Sources also revealed that the FBI officers are not eager to share their information with local police officers. They however, have been utilising sparingly, the services of the TT police.

Sources revealed that on Friday when Guyanese Abdul Kadir, one of the four suspects in the JFK plot was arrested by Special Branch officers at Piarco, none of the arresting officers knew who he was. They were only told that he was wanted by the United States for extradition.

FBI sources said yesterday that they operate only on a need to know basis, and they have no apology for keeping their information closely guarded.

Officers said that they are anxious to move on with their investigations and assured that more arrests were possible.

Three of the four suspects in the alleged terrorist plot have all appeared at the Port-of-Spain Magistrate’s Court and are now heavily guarded at the Maximum Security Prison in Golden Grove.

Up until yesterday, the three were not interviewed by the FBI.

The alleged terror plot was revealed by the US authorities last weekend following the arrests of Guyanese Russel DeFreitas, 63, in New York; former Guyanese Opposition member Abdul Kadir, 55, at Piarco last Friday; Kareem Ibrahim, 62, held near a Tacarigua mosque last Saturday and Abdel Nur, 57, who surrendered to West End Police on Tuesday.


"FBI has ‘Trini terror list’"

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