Zen fracas case pushed back

Yesterday, Montano, 32, and the three local entertainers who were charged alongside him, made their second court appearance before Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor in the Port-of-Spain Fifth Magistrates’ Court.

There was no state attorney in court and police prosecutor Sgt Ali said he could not confirm whether or not the file was submitted to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Magistrate said she was setting the matter for mention (a status hearing) in September and not July in order to ensure there was enough time for the State to deal with the case-file.

Montano first appeared in court on June 4 along with Rodney le Blanc (Benjai), Joel Fevek (Zan) and Kernel Roberts, 26, son of the late calypsonian Lord Kitchener. All are out on $50,000 bail with the exception of Roberts ($25,000) and Le Blanc ($30,000). Yesterday, the accused stood with their hands behind their backs in the prisoners’ docks. When the hearing ended, Montano shook hands with attorneys involved in the case outside the court.

It is alleged that Montano, singer/songwriter Fevek, producer/songwriter Roberts and le Blanc did unlawfully assault Russell Pollonais in the early hours of April 26 at Keate Street, Port-of-Spain. It is also alleged that Montano, Fevek and Roberts assaulted Brandis Browne in the same incident.

In addition to these two indictable offences, Montano also faces three other charges, namely that he did assault Janelle Leechee, used obscene language to the annoyance of persons and did unlawfully assault Jarad Bowen at 9-11 Keate Street on April 26. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Montano’s attorney said she understood that the file was submitted to the DPP’s office but noted it was clear the State was not ready to proceed. She also applied for disclosure of several documents including all medical reports and statements of the alleged victims as well as station diary extracts from the Belmont Police Station.

Attorney Keith Scotland said that the defence, including attorneys Rajiv Persad and John Heath, was ready to proceed.


"Zen fracas case pushed back"

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