Arima Lions celebrate 40 years of giving

According to Byron, this is no mean feat on either count. From a humble start of a small group of businessmen to a grand membership of more than one million, the 90-year-old institution has championed the cause of the less fortunate. For 40 years, she said, this small group of Lions has been answering the call in Arima and environs. It is a clarion call to demonstrate our soft side — the ability to empathise with those in distress. And any group that survives 40 years of voluntary service would have had numerous opportunities to expose the very core of their soft side.

According to Byron, Arima Lions have done humaritarian service with pride and for 40 years have tenaciously held their charter high in spite of the challenges that changes in the environment present for quality service and membership involvement and expansion such as that envisioned by the founder, Melvin Jones.

One will realise, she said, that Lions’ origin is not symbolic of the lions as the king of the jungle, but rather of the lion that exudes in its stride and demeanour, courage, strength, and fidelity. As service-minded men and women, we are brothers and sisters with a bond that is more than a pin or a logo or a roar or a constitution. Byron noted that the 1.3 million men and women in all corners of the world are all volunteers giving freely of their time, talent and resources for the betterment of mankind and, interestingly, paying handsome dues to be able to do so.

The Lions of Arima have placed before us a legacy that is a service record, she said, and this heritage should make it easy for the larger organisation in Trinidad and Tobago to flourish, for their record is without blemish.


"Arima Lions celebrate 40 years of giving"

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