‘We want no cell tower here’

The residents claimed that unknown to them, a group of workmen entered the area and erected part of a cell tower a few weeks ago.

The cell tower erection is expected to be completed soon, but residents fear for their safety. They are putting things in place to ensure that the cell tower is removed.

Armed with their placards, the protestors made up of women, children and men, chanted, “we want no cell tower in Curepe.”

Spokesman for the Curepe residents Pundit Vigyanand Maharaj said he and others have written letters to the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and other relevant authorities with no success. He said residents of Curepe who live in and around the cell tower were told of the situation and also informed of the harmful effects of radiation from cell towers erected close to homes.

He said everyone who he spoke with expressed alarm and concern over their health and added that they will lend their support in any form necessary to have the cell tower removed permanently.

“We will not rest until this cell tower is removed and we are calling on the EMA and those in authority to assist us in achieving our objective,” said Maharaj.

He said that the protests will continue indefinitely and residents will be seeking legal advice on the matter.

Maharaj said a nursery and a home for the aged are located in close proximity to the cell tower.He feels that someone in authority should meet with residents and assist them in their quest to have the cell tower removed.


"‘We want no cell tower here’"

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