Man chopped, scalped

The suspect, who remains at large, went on his vengeful attack at the Lower Santa Cruz home of Marcia Bostic, 32, who managed to survive chop wounds inflicted about her body.

But her friend, Wayne De Peiza, 23, who was at her home, suffered a horrific fate as he was chopped, scalped and had his eyes gouged out, according to police reports.

Unable to accept his break-up with Bostic, the suspect stormed her home at about 1.30 am. Bostic had a restraining order against the suspect. However, she told police that she telephoned him at about 1 am and asked him to collect clothes which he had at her house. Unknown to Bostic, the suspect was outside her home at the time she made the call. He stormed the house armed with cutlass and came face to face with Bostic and De Peiza, who lived at Richplain Road, Diego Martin.

The suspect began to chop Bostic and De Peiza tried to stop him but the enraged man turned on him too. He chopped De Peiza, tied him up and dragged him into a car which he drove to a cocoa field off Cutucupano Road, Santa Cruz.

Police report the suspect chopped De Peiza again before he scalped him. He ended his bloody rampage by gouging De Peiza’s eyes out.

After the suspect drove off with De Peiza, Bostic’s neighbours, alerted by her screams, found her covered in blood and took her to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where she has been warded in stable condition.

Police began a manhunt for the suspect and were called to the cocoa field shortly after 6 am when De Peiza’s body was found. Their search for the killer continued up to late last night.

Bostic’s relatives said she was forced to obtain a restraining order against the suspect as she had become a victim of domestic violence and wanted to end the relationship. Bostic took out the restraining order one month ago, but told relatives that the suspect still stalked her.

Relatives said Bostic wanted a peaceful life and described De Peiza as her close friend. De Peiza’s shocked relatives yesterday said he was a friendly and loving person.

One man, who did not want to be identified, said he and others wanted justice for De Peiza’s death. De Peiza’s autopsy is scheduled to take place today.


"Man chopped, scalped"

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