Chutney action in Skinner Park

The finalists in the Chutney Soca segment are Rikki Jai, Heeralal Rampartap, Adesh Samaroo, Neeshad Sultan, Rick Ramoutar. Asha Kamachee, Soca Elvis, Arti Butkoon, Neeshan Prabhu, Edward Ramdass, Rajin Dhanraj, Surendra Ramoutar and Shalleika Hazel. They will be trying to take away the title currently held by Rooplal Girdharie.

Five of these artistes are also in the Groovy Chutney competition — Rikki, Heeralal, Rooplal, Girdharie, Adesh Samaroo and Rick Ramoutar. The other finalists in this segment are Arnold Jordon, Devika Ram, Lalchan Babwa and Angela Ramoutar.

Last year, Rooplal Girdharie took the title for the fourth time, beating five-times winner of the competition Rikki Jai into second position. Heeralal Rampartap, who has won the title three times, placed third.

The venue is undergoing a high-tech transformation for tomorrow’s show, with a brand new 100-foot stage complemented by state of the art effects and a full electronic back drop. The show will feature the opening act of Raymond Ramnarine, Indar Kanhai, Anil Bheem and dancer choreographer Michael Salikram.

Other guest performers include the St John’s Tassa Group and the Nirvana and Durga Shakti Dance Companies.
Order of appearance for the Groovy Chutney competition is as follows:

1. Rikki Jai
2. Adesh Samaroo
3. Neeshard Sultan
4. Angela Ramoutar
5. Lalchan Babwa
6. Devika Ram
7. Rooplal Girdharie
8. Rick Ramoutar
9. Heeralal Rampartap
10. Arnold Jordon

The Chutney Soca Monarch order of appearance is:

1. Heeralal Rampartap
2. Edward Ramdass
3. Surendra Ramoutar
4. Adesh Samaroo
5. Shalleika Hazel
6. Neeshan Prabhoo
7. Asha Kamachee
8. Rajin Dhanraj
9. Soca Elvia
10. Rick Ramoutar
11. Kenneth Supersad
12. Artie Butkoon
13. Rooplal Girdharie
14. Neeshad Sultan
15. Rikki Jai


"Chutney action in Skinner Park"

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