Machel – D little Congo Man

Montano, at about 1.25 am yesterday, had his enthusiastic fans looking up towards the heavens as he made a grand entrance into the Hasely Crawford Stadium by parachuting from a helicopter, courtesy Evergreen Helicopters, which hovered over the Grand Dome stage.

Thirty minutes later, drummers took to the stage beating out a ‘haunting rhythm’ accompanied by Montano’s distinct voice.

Anxiety rose among the crowd as their eyes searched the length and breadth of the stage to see Montano’s actual entrance on stage, only to be startled by the sight of him bursting through a gigantic African drum.

The thousands of fans went in uproar as Montano surfaced dressed in all black. He immediately began belting out hit after hit, including “No War”, “Higher than High,” “Unconditional Love,” “Scandal/Delirious,” “Get Mad,” “Big Truck” and “One More Time.”

An energetic performance then followed Montano’s first of his three-sets of performances described as “Three Dimensions” by Daryl Henry aka “Farmer Nappy.” Jamaican artiste Anthony B then joined in with his rendition, “Wine and Roses.”

Soca queen Patrice Roberts was the next performer to grace the stage. She performed her latest hit “Rollin” with female dancers, who wooed the crowd with their “Soca Passa Passa” moves. Roberts was then joined by Jamaica’s Dancehall Diva “Money Goddess” Macka Diamond, singer of “Hula Hoop”. Soca artiste Zan then took to the stage with ‘Out on the Road’.

Dressed all in white, for his second set, Montano returned to the stage, this time dedicating it to “The Land of Oil and Music” and introduced some of the country’s greatest legends. First to come on stage was David Rudder, followed by Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, who was accompanied by Nigel from Phase 11 Steel Orchestra, who both played a steel pan number. Roy Cape followed playing his saxophone.

Rudder then performed some of his greatest hits including “Calypso Music” and “Give Praise.” Montano returned to the stage belting out “J’Ouvert,” he was then joined by Bajan Soca star Allison Hinds, who delivered one of her biggest selections ever, “Roll It.”

Featured guest artiste from the United States of America, Cuban American Bilingual Hip Hop (Reggaeton) Artiste Armando Christian Perez, 26, aka Pitbull was brought on stage. He performed his famous hit “Casolina” along with others, one of which he sang with American rapper Lil John. Lil John was featured as a guest artiste but was unable to make it as he reportedly missed his flight. However, partygoers still had a chance to hear him via a download performance.

For his third and last segment, Montano dressed in a splashing red outfit announced his new name for Carnival 2008 as “D Little Congo Man.” This announcement followed the ‘catchy’ tunes of “Congo Man.” The crowd went into a frenzy when “Sparrow” walked onto the stage belting out the same song. This was when Montano made an announcement: “This is one of the greatest moments of my life standing here next to Sparrow but I wish I was standing between Sparrow and the Grandmaster Lord Kitchener.”

At this point, the late Kitchener’s son, Kernal Roberts took to the stage and in paying tribute to his father, performed “Audrey.” He, surely was a crowd pleaser as he delivered all the foot works and hand actions for which his father was noted.

In returning to the hot soca tempo, Montano belted out ‘Wining Season’. Another surprise guest artiste Jamaican born International dancehall star “Shaggy” took to the stage singing “Big Up,” “Church Heathen” and “Criminal.”


"Machel – D little Congo Man"

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