Eyewitness testifies in killing

De Vignes, 29, was allegedly shot and killed in Laventille, by Police Constable Anthony Sylvester while on a police exercise on November 9, 2007.

Weeks of protest triggered an intense investigation by senior police officials which later led to the arrest and incarceration of PC Sylvester. Dressed in an oversized white t-shirt, white skirt and gold slippers, Jessop took the stand.

She was led through her evidence in-chief by State prosecutor Debby-Ann Bassaw.

Following a brief ten minutes defence attorney Israel Khan SC took over with some pressing questions about the events of that faithful day.

Khan spoke loudly at times but, his demeanour did not seem to phase Jessop, as she kept to her original story and only seemed to have difficulty judging distances.

Jessop, went into detail everything that had happened before and after the incident. Some of her answers were long in coming, a situation which prompted off de-cuff statements from Khan at times.

“Everyday in the papers people getting killed. If is not gang related, is something else. Police shooting people and people shooting back. Just now no policeman will want to go into Laventille/ Morvant. Anyway before they say I racial let me say the Caroni and South too,” an impatient Khan said.

During the hearing yesterday a more slender PC Sylvester sat with a straight face in the dock. He was clad in a dark suit and a brightly coloured tie, and shook his head at times during the testimony of Jessop.

Other witnesses were called in the case. They included WPC Alana Smith Austin and Police Inspector Keith Louison. Senior Counsel Khan and Ulric Skerrit are representing PC Sylvester. The matter was adjourned to tomorrow.


"Eyewitness testifies in killing"

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