Festival Arts Chorale does ‘The Sound of Music’

The Sound of Music is the fourth in the annual Broadway musicals staged by the Festival Arts Chorale. Past productions of the FAC include Crazy for you (2005), Fiddler on the Roof (2006) and Oliver (2007).

The FAC is one of the premier performing instrumental ensembles of the UWI St Augustine Campus. Formed in 2000 with 35 members, the FAC now boasts a membership of 70 persons, many of whom are current or past UWI students.

The Chorale has become known for its professional approach to performances and its varied repertoire. The FAC recently hosted a special fundraising concert with the Festival Steel Ensemble on April 27 at the Aramalaya Presbyterian Church in aid of their North American tour. For more information call Evette 316-7651, Stacy 787-8981 or Daryl 725-4765 or email: uwi.festival.arts.chorale@gmail.com


"Festival Arts Chorale does ‘The Sound of Music’"

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