Blade in Islamic book

That book contained a razor blade which they believed he used to slash his two wrists.

An investigation by the prisons has also revealed that Ali was deeply affected by the threats and taunting he received when he was placed at cell seven of the High Risk facility at the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca last Thursday night.

He was told “kill yourself, or be killed.”

Ali was told by some prisoners that he was a marked man and his punishment for killing Hope Arismandez was death.

He did not sleep on Thursday night, and on Friday morning he was medically examined by Prisons Medical Officer Dr Vinod Mahabir.

Ali was not on a suicide watch and no recommendation was made for him to be monitored.

He did not display any sign of depression, but was troubled over the threats.

When he returned to his cell on Friday, he refused to have his lunch, and the taunting by other prisoners continued.

Late Friday afternoon Ali asked for an Islamic book from a prisoner who threw it into his cell.

Prisons sources added that the cloth Ali used to hang himself was already in the cell when he was placed there last Thursday.

Prison sources said that they may be able to make a breakthrough in the investigation shortly.

A legal officer attached to the prison identified as Miss Gomez is assisting those involved in the prison probe in preparing a report into the death.

Police officers probing Ali’s death have not received any co-operation from the prisoners at the high risk section of the prison.

An autopsy carried out on the body of Ali on Sunday revealed that death was due to hanging.


"Blade in Islamic book"

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