Trini funeral for aid worker

This was revealed yesterday by Karen Fraites-Mouttet, second cousin of Dial. Dial’s mother Wendy, who lives in Colorado, USA broke the news of the death to relatives on Wednesday.

Dial’s father Anand who lives in Florida will be returning to Trinidad for the funeral. Fraites- Moutett said the last time she saw Dial was when she (Dial) attended her wedding two years ago. Fraites-Moutett said Dial was looking forward to coming back home in May.

Dial died on Wednesday when the SUV in which she was a passenger was fired upon while passing through the troubled Lohar Province of Afghanistan by gunmen in a car which pulled alongside the SUV.

Also killed were Dial’s co-workers Jacqueline Kirk,40, a dual citizen of Canada and the United Kingdom, and a Canadian woman, whose name was witheld on the request of her family.

The driver of their SUV Mohammed Ahmal, 25, of Kabul, Afghanistan, also died.

The four were employed with International Rescue Committee (IRC), a New York based humanitarian organisation working in Afghanistan for the past 20 years in community-based development projects.

Dial joined the organisation on May 21 as co-ordinator in the agency’s programmes for children. Following the killings, the IRC has suspended indefinitely all work in Afghanistan.


"Trini funeral for aid worker"

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