US Marines in TT

Some of the concerned persons even telephoned Sunday Newsday to ascertain if the United States Marine Corps were carrying out an exercise in the country.

One man said, “the noise from the engines was so powerful that I was awakened from sleep and when I looked out of my house the two helicopters were flying over my house, and I could see the US Marine officers inside,” he said.

Yesterday, Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Edmund Dillon sought to clear the air on the matter.

He said members of the US Marine Corps are in Trinidad to carry out a number of humanitarian ventures. These include repairs to the Cyril Ross and St Jude’s Home for Girls.

The officers will also provide medical assistance to persons at the Arima and Couva hospitals.

On Monday, the US Marines will formally make public their mission in Trinidad during a ceremony to mark their presence in the country.


"US Marines in TT"

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