WASA plants go down

The most severe case was at WASA’s Maraval Waterworks which sustained damage. WASA acting general manager corporate communications Ellen Lewis said emergency repairs began at the plant yesterday.

“We anticipate that operations at the facility will be partially restored by 6 pm today. Production at the plant is being affected due to a mechanical problem at Moka Well 4, which should be back in operation by Monday,” she said.

Areas affected include: Ellerslie Park, Perseverance Road, Fairways, Moka, La Seiva, parts of Saddle Road, Haleland Park, Morne Coco Road, Hillsboro, Celestine Road, Clovis Trace, and Ramlogan Development

WASA also revealed that water production at a number of its surface water treatment facilities in north Trinidad have been adversely affected as a result of torrential rainfall along the East/West Corridor over the past 24 hours.

Among the facilities that are currently being affected by flooded/turbid river conditions and clogged screens are: Caura Waterworks, which supplies parts of Tunapuna, El Dorado and Tacarigua; L&N Waterworks, which provides water to parts of Maracas, St Joseph; Santa Cruz Waterworks, a source of supply to parts of Upper and Lower Santa Cruz and North Oropouche Waterworks, which is a main source of supply for areas from Five Rivers in the west to Sangre Grande in the east.


"WASA plants go down"

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