Local instructors promoted by TTKF

Winter was pleased with the honour bestowed upon him and stated that it was a life long dream fulfilled.

He gave special thanks to Sensei Rae Johnson who assisted him with preparations and to Sempai Junior Kisson who aided him in the demonstration of self-defence.

Meanwhile, Sensei Joseph Boca was recently presented with his Rokudan (sixth degree black belt) certificate by the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Gary Hunt.

Boca received both his rank from the TTKF and the World Union of Karate-Do Organisation. Also receiving their belts were Michael Smith (first degree Black Belt), Roger Evelyn, Anthony Charles, Rae Johnson and Kervin Molino (second degree Black Belt). After satisfying all requirements of the TTKF Referee Council the following were promoted Richard Lewis (Referee B), John Ramirez, Rae Johnson, Referee C), Cecil Lee Chong (Judge B), Roger Evelyn, Anthony Charles (Judge C), Kervin Molino (Judge D).


"Local instructors promoted by TTKF"

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