‘Sex, Lies and Money’ goes to Cipriani

At this time two utilized spaces are under renovation – the Central Bank Auditorium and the Little Carib Theatre. As a result the only operational theatre in North Trinidad is at Queen's Hall, St Ann's.

Well this is about to change with the welcome addition to the theatre performance spaces in the north by the recently built theatrical/conference facility at the Cipriani Labour College. The Auditorium at the Cipriani Labour College recently opened its doors and promises to be a new sought after facility where theatre can find a home.

It boasts stadium style seating, a well built stage and back stage area, together with lights and sound specifications. The Auditorium at Cipriani Labour College also boasts secure parking and an easy venue in terms of commute whether you are coming from East, West, Central or South. It is situated at the Cipriani Labour College campus, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn (next to Nestle). The Auditorium at the Cipriani Labour College will initialise its theatre opening with the outrageous hit play Sex, Lies and Money written by Richard Ragoobarsingh which recently ran at Queen's Hall to great acclaim and ovation.

The hit play, which is directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh and Debra Boucaud Mason, features in its cast, Cecilia Salazar, Nigel Auguste, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Caroline Taylor, Debra Boucaud Mason and Rachel Bascombe-Koranteng.

Sex, Lies and Money showcases the best of Trinidad theatre and runs for four nights only, from February 26 to March 1 at the prestigious new venue.

Tickets will be available at The Auditorium daily from Ash Wednesday 12 noon to 6 pm straight through to March 1. For box office ticket information call 768-8663 or 744-7581.

Tickets are $150 and are also available now at the following outlets: Alextronics, Arima (667-0724), Fireworks City, Gulf City (653-7812), Bhagan's Drug Store, Price Plaza, Chaguanas (672-9514) and Cleve's, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain (624-0827) and Mandy's, Trincity Mall (upstairs next to Scotiabank) (640-5553).


"‘Sex, Lies and Money’ goes to Cipriani"

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