Obama’s ‘Beast’ arrives

Agents from the Secret Service reportedly drove them from Piarco to a secret location in Chaguaramas.

They traveled from the Piarco International Airport to the Priority Bus Route and then to Chaguaramas where the vehicles are being kept under round- the-clock surveillance.

The limousine which has been dubbed “The Beast” is also informally known a Cadillac One.

Newsday understands that the decoy vehicles are two Chevrolet Suburban models. “The Beast” is completely fitted with military-grade armour, at least five inches thick for maximum protection and the wheels are fitted with “run-flat” tyres.

Tomorrow morning when the US president and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at Piarco International Airport, on board Air Force One, they will be met by Secret Service agents who will take them from the airport to where they are staying, using the specially built armoured vehicle.

The vehicle is bullet-proof and bomb resistant. It can seat seven people including the president.

Newsday understands that 35 vehicles will follow the president’s “Beast” from the airport to wherever he goes. President Obama is currently on a state visit to Mexico.


"Obama’s ‘Beast’ arrives"

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