Obama praises local forces

The six officers were told early yesterday to make themselves available for a 6.30 am meeting at the Trinidad Hilton, and they were told to dress in ceremonial wear.

The six, ACP Waldron, Lieutenant Colonel Kenrick Maharaj, and Senior Superintendent McMillan, ASPs Gold, Fernandez, and Inspector McMillan arrived at the Hilton at at about 6.30 am, but it was not until 8 am that they were called to a room at the Hilton to meet president Obama.

The first to meet the president, was ACP Waldron, who was introduced to the president by officials of the American Embassy.

ACP Waldron was photographed with the United States president.

He told Newsday that Obama told him, “My people and I thank you for the excellent service provided at the summit, and we commend you for a job well done.”

ACP Waldron said that it was a touching moment for him, and he felt a high sense of satisfaction not only for himself, but for Trinidad and Tobago and the region.

He said that planning for the summit started last March, and although there were challenges, things turned out the way he wanted it to.

He said that the joint efforts proved quite successful and demonstrated that local and regional security forces can plan an international event and feel proud afterwards.

ACP Waldron thanked the public for their patience and support which ensured that security arrangements worked efficiently.

He also thanked the other stakeholders who worked tirelessly towards ensuring that the summit planning was a major success.

He said that the traffic restrictions also worked well, and motorists adhered to the traffic rules, and he thanked them for it.

After his unprecedented meeting with Obama, ACP Waldron then went to the Piarco airport to await the arrival of the US President, who departed Trinidad aboard Air Force One at about 1.40 pm yesterday. Play best friv games this site www.friv5online.com

It took Obama twenty five minutes from the Hilton Hotel to the north terminal of the Piarco International Airport.

On his arrival at the airport he was greeted by Americans living in Trinidad, who were screened and allowed to meet with the president for about ten minutes.

Some employees of the airport also got the opportunity to meet Obama, and he waved to locals before boarding Air Force One.

Some females who were privy to seeing Obama in the flesh, shed tears of joy after shaking his hands.

Following his departure, the President’s official cars, known as the “Beast”, were driven into a US carrier, which left Trinidad shortly after Air Force One took off.


"Obama praises local forces"

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