Illustrating and painting

Colin Bootman was born in Trinidad where he spent the first seven years of his life. During this time, he was inspired by the island’s rich and diverse culture. Soon after moving to the United States, Bootman embraced art as a measure of escape from the pressures of adjusting to a new environment at an early age.

Bootman began formal training at LaGuardia High School of the Arts where he studied photography, writing, and illustration, honing his skills under the tutelage of professional artists. He was encouraged to pursue children’s book art, as it allowed him the freedom to express himself through various media. Ultimately, the instructors at the School of Visual Arts prepared Bootman for the challenges of working as a professional illustrator.

Bootman’s first book, Young Frederick Douglass, was published in 1994 and received starred reviews. He has since illustrated many children’s books, textbooks, periodicals, and book covers. Bootman is the recipient of the Coretta Scott King Honour 2004, the Schneider Family Book Award 2006, the Ashley Bryan Lifetime Achievement Honour 2006, and several others. His books have won such awards as The Teachers’ Choice Award, The Comstock Award, The Storytelling World Award, The Golden Kite Honour, and many others. Bootman’s first written and illustrated book (Fish For The Grand Lady), debuted late 2006. In addition to illustrating Bootman enjoys teaching and presenting to students.

Bootman credits the lively rhythms and vibrant palette of Trinidad with leaving an indelible mark on his creative expression. He continues to grow as an artist as he welcomes the challenges that each new project invites. As Bootman’s work serves to inspire future artists, he hopes to encourage young minds to embrace and follow their passions.

Peter Soo Ping Chow is a Science teacher by profession and enjoys painting in his free time. His paintings generally depict the beauty of our twin-island state. He has been painting since 1986, but this is the first formal exhibition of his work.

Soo Ping Chow is a realist artist who likes to work en plein-air as the natural atmosphere gives him the inspiration to paint the colours and images before him.

He works in a variety of media including oils, water colours and acrylic paints. Over the years he has developed his own way of depicting what he sees without having had the opportunity of formal training. However, anyone with the opportunity to view his paintings will be amazed at the detail and accuracy of his landscapes and historical buildings.

Beautiful scenes from Paramin Hills to Macqueripe to an inlet at Pigeon Point are captured in this exhibition. Art patrons who are fond of the quaint beauty of historical sites will also enjoy his depiction of the President’s House and Mille Fleur, two buildings around the Queen’s Park Savannah.

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"Illustrating and painting"

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