Man stabbed, castrated

According to a police report, at about 5.30 am, Dave Holder was found dead by one of his sisters who lives near his Springville, off Rosewood Avenue, Coconut Drive, Morvant home. The sister told police she heard a commotion coming from Holder’s home sometime around midnight but did not think anything of it. When she got up, later in the morning, she noticed a back door to Holder’s home wide open. After calling out his name and not getting any answer, the woman went into the house and found Holder’s body in a room. Speaking outside the Forensic Sciences Centre, the female relative who asked not to be identified, said her brother was accustomed to having several men come to his home to lime. One of them, recently moved into the house.

“I don’t know what the argument was about but at about 2 am I heard voices being raised. Then I heard a set of noise but I did not do anything about it. It was when I got up I noticed the back door open and I decided to go and check because I knew that something was wrong,” the sister said.

“I know he had a man staying there with him and they had a falling out and my brother asked the man to leave. I heard them struggling and quarrelling but I thought nothing of it. When I went into the house, I noticed blood all over and a paper over Dave’s body.”

Officers led by Ag ASP John Daniel and including Sgt Jacobs, Cpl Davidson, Cpl Samuels and investigating officer PC Mitchell of the Homicide Investigations Bureau visited the scene and retrieved a sharpened knife, believed to be the murder weapon.

Investigators said they believe Holder’s killing was linked to a “love dispute gone terribly and fatally wrong”, according to a police source. Investigations are continuing.


"Man stabbed, castrated"

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