Rowley sticks to his claim

In response to Jeremie’s denial of Rowley’s claim that Jeremie once said: “They ain’t have nothing on you. I have seen the file and it’s an innocuous file; they have nothing on you’” Rowley said Jeremie has thus far failed to deny this conversation.

In response to Rowley’s allegation, Jeremie had said, “I have never seen any Integrity Commission report.” But he also did not say his former Cabinet colleague was lying.

“He said I am not lying but then he goes on to make a denial of having seen the report. I never said he saw the file. What I said was that he told me about the file,” Rowley said.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Jeremie continued to come under heat from the Opposition benches over Rowley’s claims.

Caroni East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh said if Rowley’s arguments are true, then the separation of powers had been violated.


"Rowley sticks to his claim"

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