Trinis: Michael was truly the King

Jackson and his brothers performed at two sold out venues at Skinner Park in San Fernando and the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain. While here, Jackson also paid an impromptu visit to Holy Name Convent in Port-of-Spain.

Newsday was able to catch up with a few local fans who went to the Jackson 5 concert at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Newsday’s journalist Joan Rampersad was among the few who were fortunate to experience Jackson live in concert. “He is the only King of Pop. There was none before him and there will be none after him. I remember going to the concert and my pores raised to see him in action. He along with the rest of the Jackson 5 performed the then big hits ‘I want you back’ and ‘ABC’. I also remembered that Jackson introduced his little brother Randy who performed Lord Kitchener’s hit ‘Sugar Bum’ which sent the crowd in sheer ecstacy. I will always cherish that memorable event.”

Another fan Albert Lewis said he was only 17 when he attended the Port-of-Spain concert and also described it as a “once in a lifetime, memorable concert.”

Waaz Hosein said he remembered Jackson as a “little black boy” with a big Afro hairstyle and will never forget the dance moves he demonstrated on stage since, including the famous Moonwalk.

“I remember that the savannah was packed out. It had people all the way to where the US Embassy is located on Marli Street. Although they could not see him they heard his distinct voice and had a ball of a time,” Hosein said.

Former student of Holy Name Convent Michelle Wellington-Borde also shared her memorable experience when Jackson pulled up on the school’s compound in a regular taxi.

“I remember it was after school hours and we were practising our marching for our upcoming sports day we got word that Michael Jackson pulled up at school. I remembered that he rolled down the window to the car and began looking around.

“One of my girlfriends ran up to the car and leaned inside and asked him if he was Michael Jackson and he replied in a very soft voice ‘yes’. At that moment the girls began screaming and jumping around. We went crazy for him that day. He eventually came out of the car and walked into the school. He was wearing a red shirt and black pants and I think he had on white gloves.

I remembered him smiling and waving to us. Before leaving he thanked us and said that Trinidad was nice. That day will always be engraved in my heart.” Former Holy Faith Convent student Shaharazad Sherry Khan-Dowlat also shared her memorable experience. “I was very excited that he was here on our local soil. His performance was so thrilling and indeed he was back then a world icon and still is, although he has passed on now. He will always be a great legend and I believe that his songs will never die.

“A lot of Trinidadians even followed his style with the leather jackets and even in dances people were seen trying to do the moon walk dance. He brought a lot of joy and happiness upon his visit and surely left an impact. He will surely be missed. Michael we love you.”


"Trinis: Michael was truly the King"

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