Witness in protective custody

Daniel, 39, the wife of Army Lance Corporal Stanley Nottingham, was hijacked by two bandits while she was speaking to her friend in her (Daniel) car at Factory Road. In desperation, Daniel drove into the yard of the nearby West End Police Station when she was shot in the back and killed.

The eyewitness, who is married and a mother of one, remains at a secured, secret location. She has been visited regularly by relatives. The woman is also reported to be receiving counselling. Police sources close to the investigation said the eyewitness “is trying hard to cope”.

“She is taking the death of her friend real hard. We have made her as comfortable as possible, and she is receiving counselling at this time. She is eating but not as she should. This is very hard for her,” a police source said.

“Remember, this happened right before her eyes, right next to her. She feels like it happened to her. She loved her friend. She is taking it really hard but she is getting a lot of family support,” the source added.

At a press conference a day after the murder, acting Commissioner of Police, James Philbert, described Daniel as a hero who acted quickly under the threat of death and although she paid with her life, her decision to drive into the police station, more than likely saved her friend’s life.


"Witness in protective custody"

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