Beauty and beast

Based on the beloved French fairy tale of the same name, the Broadway version tells of a handsome Prince who is changed into a beast by an enchantress. He is condemned to remain in this form until love breaks the spell.

Into his castle full of enchanted objects comes Belle, a headstrong village girl who seeks to escape ordinary village life and the advances of the narcissistic Gaston, the village “macho-man”. Belle’s life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself imprisoned by the brooding Beast, whose mysterious past holds the key to their future.

The production included familiar Disney music, such as the very famous love song “Beauty and the Beast”, “Be Our Guest”, “Belle”, and “Human Again”.

Starring in the role of the The Beast was newcomer Jonathan Morgan, while Tramaine Lamy was Belle and Marlon De Bique took on the role of Gaston. Other memorable performances came from Maurice Rawlins as Lumi?re; and the 12-year-old Allan Clelland-Goddard as Chip.

Here are some highlights from the production.


"Beauty and beast"

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