Tint fines for Govt drivers

The Finance Minister said she is not aware if the laws exclude these vehicles. She added however, “If they are not excluded from the legislation then, we respect the rule of law and they will be fined.”

Nunez-Tesheira said the drastic increases in fines for breaking road rules are expected to lessen the amount of lawlessness on the nation’s roads.

“I can say from pre-budget consultations with stakeholders the one thing they have brought to the table in relation to crime is lawlessness on the nation’s roads and we have witnessed a lot of that over the last few weeks. I am sure this is a revenue collecting measure but it is also a measure to act as a deterrent and a penalty so to speak,” she said, “If (the penalty) was increased by a little bit, from $200 to $300, it may not have that deterring effect.”


"Tint fines for Govt drivers"

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