Man, woman succumb to pneumonia not H1N1

Ramlal died at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the San Fernando General Hospital on Thursday at 12.30 am. Swine flu is one of the diseases he was tested for while at the ICU where he was warded for two weeks. Tests were also done for cancer and dengue but all, including the one for swine flu, were negative, his family said yesterday.

Ramlal’s father Beharrylal, 66, said Ramlal had not travelled abroad before he contracted a respiratory illness.

“Josh (Ramlal) did not have swine flu. When he went into the hospital the doctors told us he had pneumonia. He was sick for almost two weeks before he eventually died,” said Beharrylal.

Ramlal was unmarried and was the first of four children.

“Josh used to take care of his niece and nephews. One is now a 20-year-old and he lived with Josh since he was a one-year-old,” said Beharrylal at the family’s home in Torrib Trace, New Grant, Penal yesterday.

The funeral service for Ramlal took place at the family’s home yesterday and he was later cremated at the Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek in South Oropouche. Ramlal’s symptoms were similar to those of Cynthia Jattan, 42, of Princes Town, who died on Tuesday also at the ICU of the San Fernando General Hospital.

Jattan was admitted on Monday suffering from respiratory difficulties, diarrhoea, vomiting and a high fever. A test for swine flu was negative. Her daughter Marina Jattan said doctors also cited pneumonia as the cause of death.


"Man, woman succumb to pneumonia not H1N1"

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