Doctors give Bas all clear

Bharat said a medical appointment was one of the reasons why Panday went abroad in the midst of a campaign for reelection as UNC political leader. Panday is also expected to spend the Christmas holidays at his daughter’s home in Scotland.

“When he returned from his last trip (in October), he said he had been unable to keep one of his doctor’s appointments since he was not available at the time, so there is nothing untoward about his going to London. This is a routine appointment that was postponed,” Bharat said.

“But he has been given the all clear so there is no need for further appointments,” he added.

Asked about preparations for the January 24 elections, Bharat said each parliamentarian was responsible for respective constituencies and cottage meetings are being held. He said the campaigning was expected to heat up with Panday’s return in early January.

He also stated that there had been a “huge frantic rush” for membership forms saying the party had been forced to hire extra staff to handle the “deluge” of persons seeking membership.

And asked whether he would be seeking re-election, Bharat said this would also be discussed on Panday’s return.


"Doctors give Bas all clear"

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