Ramesh fine with Jack backing Kamla

Maharaj, who is also in the race for the UNC’s top post, and Warner were members of the now dissolved RamjackG faction of the party. Mayaro MP Winston “Gypsy” Peters, the third member of that faction, is also supporting Persad-Bissessar.

“That is Mr Warner’s democratic right. He is entitled to support whomever he wishes,” Maharaj said adding that even though Jack and “Gypsy” are backing one of his rivals, “I will remain friends with Mr Warner and Mr Gypsy.”

While he described this development as “healthy” for the UNC’s political future, Maharaj said the final outcome of the UNC’s January 24, 2010 internal election would depend on the endorsement of the party’s membership, “not individuals or groups.”

While he has no problem with Persad-Bissessar throwing her hat into the ring, Maharaj said: “I am confident that this battle is between Basdeo Panday and Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj because of the feedback I am getting on the ground.”

Maharaj said the information he is receiving from UNC supporters does not suggest that they see Persad-Bissessar as a suitable political leader. He recalled that when the RamjackG faction was publicly calling for change in the UNC and the holding of internal elections, Persad-Bissessar supported Panday in condemning their actions.

Maharaj said he will not be fielding a slate of candidates for other posts on the UNC’s national executive and will be prepared to work with whoever forms the new executive after the election.

While noting concerns from UNC members about registering to vote in next month’s election, Maharaj said he would campaign on whatever electoral list is provided. Maharaj continued his campaign last night with a public meeting in Tarouba.


"Ramesh fine with Jack backing Kamla"

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