Search for Noah’s Ark

Scientists however are now able to accurately tell us things about trees, people, climate, and atmosphere from thousands of years ago. There are data that show how fossils died and what they were eating at the time of rapid death, rapid burial and rapid pressure. There are also data that extrapolate from evidence in Eastern Turkey that Noah was probably seven feet tall, having a cubit of 20 inches measured from his elbow to the middle finger with his hand extended. Some of that evidence was collected from decayed wood samples collected near Mount Ararat, a volcanic peak capped with glaciers standing over 1,600 feet high, close to Iran, Iraq and Armenia.

What is interesting in that search for Noah’s Ark is the dominant role of a male nurse anaesthetist named Ron Wyatt who became an amateur archaeologist, searched Koran and Bible amidst years of desk research, braved ethnic conflict and bullets from armed terrorists bent on kidnapping and murder, and organised a respected team of researchers who found the remains of an ancient three decked boat with 144 rooms/compartments and 13 stone anchors.

The truth exists. It may well be elusive to searches by one and all. Yet each diligent search involves the discovery of what is not true and this event and process eliminate some of the clutter hiding what is true.

As a society we have agreed to have others searching for someone to do the search like a Commission of Inquiry, a Court of Law, an auditor and, whistle-blowers. In the past decades the search results have not been good yet the alternative is for us to take back the political authority entrusted to others and get to know each other just as the fisherman, the farmer and the mason come to know the land, the sea, crops, fish, bait, fertiliser, storm, scaffolding, floods. We can no longer rely on an Integrity Commission and other constitutional offices that lack the internal control needed. It is now time for change. We the people have to resume our search and our remedial action steps with and without these intermediaries.

What if I know how to know the true musician who interprets with excellence a musical score from centuries ago? Does that experience of a true musical statement, a true fishing statement, a true farming statement or a true ecclesiastical statement prepare me for a lying audited reconciliation statement? Perhaps there is in the physics, geology, chemistry or mathematics some kind of law which organises all true statements into a point of convergence. I truly do not know. Yet I can picture a tent somewhere in Armenia or on the Arabian Peninsula where Jew, Christian and Muslim can sit to truly talk about Abraham. Perhaps even to consider an updated reconciliation from that covenant time! It just makes sense that Professor John Uff has fought to have the deliberations of the Commission widely public, and that each of us has the opportunity as do the Commissioners of determining the truth. We have the basis for taking action in our way and others may act in another way. It is informed choice.

The body of the woman pregnant immediately begins to change and prepare for the birth in nine months, before the woman knows she is pregnant. The body knows the truth before her mind becomes aware. Her heart however knows how to know and it knows how to reconcile, to change space and time to accommodate the truth. A society is pregnant in that fashion.

Several Boards of Directors, several Ministers of Government and a Prime Minister do not need a Commission of Inquiry to come to know the accounting reconciliation of a project under their control. That true reconciliation deals with the $10 million, the $368 million or the procurement weaknesses and other amounts to be accounted for. What then will happen to the reconciliation of the other hundreds of projects, do they await further Commissions!?

Simon Clement

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"Search for Noah’s Ark"

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