12,000 in Central mas

There were close to 2,000 masqueraders from eleven bands that took to the stage this year. Patrons were treated to a combination of mud, sailor and modern mas crossing this stage. Colourful designs filled the stage as revellers jumped to Road March sure bet “Palance” as well as “Start Wining”.

Chairman of the New Carapichaima Carnival Committee (NCCC) Lewellyn McDonald said he was pleasantly surprise to see the massive turn out this year.

“Carnival has taken a new turn this year where we have seen large costumes and bands crossing the stage,” he said.

Mc Donald called on the Ministry of Culture to take a closer look at the importance of Carapichiama mas and to increase the allocations to the festival. “This year we received $55,000 to host an event which costs $204,000,” he stated, adding he got $10,000 from National Petroleum and $5,000 from National Gas Company. The committee also raised funds last year. However its funding still was not enough to allow the committee to revive its calypso competition.

This has been included in the budget of the new committee and will take shape in 2011.

“Carnival is very close and unique to us in the central part of the country. The tradition of Monday mas in this rural district has grown leaps and bounds since it all started in1954,” Mc Donald said. Although Carapichaima is well-known for traditional mas, this year several large bands from Couva and Chase Village made the journey to this stage for the 2010 Carnival.

“We could not let Carnival pass by without celebrating with the villagers. It was something that drew everyone from their homes,” Mc Donald said.

Carpichiama mas has also attracted the attention of members of the overseas organization, Caribbean Diaspora Group with branches in Boston and New York.


"12,000 in Central mas"

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