EWMSC sends man home with broken leg

This has angered his father Sonny Parasram, a doubles vendor, who said he will try and get the surgery done at a private institution. The experience his son went through at the EWMSC has left him critical of the service. “We want good doctors,” Parasram said during an interview at Newsday’s Port-of-Spain office.

Michael said that two Thursdays ago a doctor told him surgery would be done on Monday and a plate put into his leg. However, on this day the same doctor said the bone had started to heal well and he did not want to interfere with it.

Michael believed the reason he did not get surgery was because of the complaints to the media and Quality Department at EWMSC. This episode is the latest disappointment since Michael sought treatment at EWMSC on January 23, after falling from a tree and breaking his leg.

Michael said he got two pints of blood for surgery scheduled for January 28. It was postponed to February 4, then to February 11, and February 18.

The elder Parasram said he questioned the doctor about sending Michael home without surgery given the state of the leg. The femur bone is broken and sits side by side.

On Wednesday Newsday sent a query to the North Central Regional Health Authority about the case but there was no feedback available yesterday.


"EWMSC sends man home with broken leg"

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