Hazel mum on local government polls

Newsday met her launching an art exhibition on Brian Lara Promenade but she declined to give us a reaction to Mr Manning’s speech. She said, “I prefer not to engage, I prefer not to talk.”

Newsday pressed, only for Mrs Manning to try to turn attention to the art works on display, saying, “It’s a good exhibition.”

Newsday asked if she’d offer herself as a candidate for Princes Town North, but she declined to reply.

In her speech, she said this year a bronze statue of cricket legend Brian Lara would be installed at the western end of the Brian Lara Promenade. Recalling that the promenade site was once very unsightly and unbecoming, she said, “However, 20 years ago the decision to construct this promenade was taken amid much contention, confusion and disaffection by some stakeholders.”

She attributed the promenade to some visionary citizens. “Our Brian Lara Promenade is one of the visionary products of Port-of-Spain which can contribute to making our capital city the capital of the Caribbean.”


"Hazel mum on local government polls"

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