TTMA calls for speedy implementation

In a release yesterday, the TTMA said the findings of the Inquiry support their long standing positions as far as Public Procurement and Local Content were concerned.

They noted that in the past, they have stood in favour of the principles enshrined in the reform of the public sector procurement regime-White Paper 2005..

The association explained that the White Paper identifies the need for a central regulatory agency that formulates operating policies and guidelines that amplify best practice principles of value for money, transparency and accountability. The White Paper further shows how the principles are to be applied in all transactions, involving public funds.

The association noted the reports findings state that the “Government must guard against the possibilities of the local industry facing unfair competition through foreign firms being able to offer inducements not available to local firms, such as soft loans. There must also be a level playing field, for example, by ensuring that foreign tenders are based on minimum wage rates. While this is a standard tender requirement, it appears that contractual arrangements are not always honoured.”

They also highlighted the recommendation of the Commission in sub section 66, pertaining to the maintenance of integrity and transparency which states, “Udecott must recognise that a public perception of secrecy and arrogance has been engendered by its actions, which is wholly inappropriate for a body performing a public function on behalf of the government of TT. Udecott should take, and be seen to take, remedial action by cultivating a policy of openness aimed at building public confidence in the maintenance of proper standards of integrity and transparency.”


"TTMA calls for speedy implementation"

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