Govt must tell US ‘sorry’

Addressing a packed crowd at the Jubilee Recreation Ground in Felicity, she said, “I call upon Government to offer a public apology to Bernard Campbell, his family and the US government.”

In issuing this statement, she said the UNC-led alliance will keep the Bernard Campbell deportation issue on the front burner as an election issue. She said Campbell’s denial of entry was reflective of the PNM’s growing desperation because they know, “we shall rise, we shall win, we shall vote them out.”

She claimed that while Campbell was denied entry into TT, the PNM itself has foreign strategists working on its election campaign. She said Government’s decision to rescind its original denial order as being, “A victory for the people.”

This victory, she said, was achieved because the Government buckled under relentless public pressure and scrutiny from the local and international media. She also hit Government for the police going on Sunday to confront Congress of the People political leader Winston Dookeran to stop him from erecting of placards to highlight last year’s 509 murders, along the Queen’s Park Savannah, near President’s House.

“Did you see how Winston, a man who has served his country in so many capacities...did you see how he was treated on Sunday? They came down with force and might for Winston but could not touch the murderers. They send police to check out (Percy) Villafana and harass Winston but they can’t arrest crime,” Kamla said.

Earlier in the meeting, UNC chairman Jack Warner lamented the eight murders which took place over the weekend and said that come May 24, liberation day would arrive. Warner said while the PNM was criticising the UNC for its campaign funds, he announced that the UNC had entered into an agreement with Digicel where persons can send texts to raise funds for the party.


"Govt must tell US ‘sorry’"

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