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Tuesday 12 December 2017

Letters are microcosm of society

THE EDITOR: Grow up and take it like a man, Colm! You want to enter politics and be in government but I must stifle my constitutional right and not criticise you? How dare you insult my communicative competencies and analytical skills in assessing the national issues and penning letters to the Editors of national newspapers to highlight my perspective, by saying that they write these themselves or that they pay experienced letter writers to do so!

Like the brilliant Chinua Achebe who wrote the seminal African Literature novel, Things Fall Apart, and so used the very language of the colonisers to criticise their role in plundering Nigerian society, so too, I am very well poised to utilise my educational background bestowed by the 1970s ruling PNM to offer criticism of the party today.

I am entitled to do so as a successful, functioning, contributing member of my society. And the PNM should be proud to see a product of a largely-PNM education thrust develop the skills to think critically and respond to pertinent issues today. What, other than engaging in discourse and praxis for the uplift of society, is the real aim of education?

You should also consider the letters to the Editor as a microcosm of society in which the picture is clearly depicted of an overwhelming disenchanted electorate out there. It is for this reason there appears to be so many pro-Opposition letters and so few pro-PNM letters being written. Perhaps if you choose to invest in educating PNM supporters instead of coercing them to attend your campaigns, then, they too, will write in favour of the PNM.

Until, then, please permit me to exercise my civic rights and respond to national issues accordingly — whether they be pro-Opposition or pro-PNM.

Deal with that, you silly silly, immature quasi-politician, you!

Brian Mohammed

St Augustine


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