Voter turnout – 69 percent

The combined forces of the United National Congress, the Congress of the People and the Tobago Organisation of the People got approximately 60 percent of the votes.

In total, the People’s Partnership garnered 432,026 votes. In comparison, the rival People’s National Movement got 285,354 votes.

The UNC earned the nation’s approval with 288,774 winning votes. Overall, the party earned 308,541 votes.

The COP earned six seats, an equivalent of 61,222 votes. In total, the party got 108,143 votes.

Tobago received the highest turnout of voters in years. Tobago East saw 13,333 voters coming out. In Tobago West, 14,545 voters placed their ballots. The total of the two constituencies tallied an average of 63.3 percent voter turn out.

TOP defeated the PNM with 7,649 votes in Tobago East. In Tobago West, the winning party earned 7,693.

In Trinidad, there was a low turnout in Arima, which was known as a PNM stronghold. Although there had been a call to recount the votes, only 7,241 voted for Laurel Lezama. The COP’s Rodger Samuel edged out as winner with 7,612 votes. The EBC listed 24,115 voters for that constituency.

Another constituency facing recount is Pt Fortin. The EBC listed 24,610 voters in that constituency, with a 68 percent turnout on May 24. The COP’s Nyahuma Obika is challenging his count of 7,959 against the PNM’s Paula Gopee Scoon’s tally of 8,885.

Diego Martin North/East was also up for recount. In that constituency, PNM’s Colm Imbert received 8,538 votes while the COP’s Garvin Nicholas garnered 8,077 votes. There were 276,46 voters listed for that constituency.


"Voter turnout – 69 percent"

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