Discrediting Al Gore

I am amazed to see, that in this day and age, the TTMA fails to recognise the absolute scorn with which Gore is now held. His recent book, An inconvenient Truth has been banned from dissemination in British schools unless preceded by a disclaimer that more than 12 statements have been proven to be scientifically incorrect. The opinion of those responsible for the disclaimer requirement, is that the errors were deliberate and were included in the book and movie of the same name, as rank propaganda to espouse a cause, the necessity for which, is far from being proven. Add to that, the recent scandals involving the falsification of supposedly scientific data emanating from the world’s most prestigious climate organisation in East Anglia and you have a situation that can be proven to be criminal in intent.

Gore has been in bed with and continues to foster relationships with all of the major producers of “green” device such as solar panels, windmills etc. Think of certain brands and all of the other firms, bent on the introduction of cap and trade and the selling of carbon credits, a surefire way of bankrupting the capitalist system and blatantly practising the onerous plan of wealth redistribution. The polite word for this is socialism, but in fact, the scope of their intentions is much more than that and the present US administration seems to be espousing the idea of “one world” community, to be run under the auspices of the UN. The UN as you know is riddled with corruption, and is and always will be totally anti-American. America being the only country in the world that has a working Constitution and Bill of Rights, then stands to lose all those things that make it different. I shudder to think of the disastrous results that being under the thumb of the UN could bring.

I sincerely believe that the TTMA would be making a terrible mistake by bringing Gore to Trinidad in any capacity whatsoever, but to have him address the intricacies of “green” manufacturing technology, of which he knows nothing, to an association such as yours, which could teach him a thing or two about business ethics as well as accepted manufacturing procedures, really goes beyond the pale.

I would have thought that the rumoured speaking fee of US$150,000.00 could have been better spent on a cause more commensurate with the aims of the TTMA.


Margate, Fl


"Discrediting Al Gore"

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