Jack: Charges for buying old boat

He was addressing a UNC rally on Friday at Emerald Plaza, St Augustine, to present candidates for the corporations of San Juan/Laventille and Tunapuna/Piarco in the Local Government Elections.

“I will tell you more about the boat as soon as the Attorney General starts to lay charges,” said Warner. “AG, let those guys face the court.” He also accused the former administration of renting office accommodation from persons who would in turn finance the PNM in the July 26 polls.

Warner gave several reasons why voters should vote for the People’s Partnership (PP), not the PNM. “For seven years they (PNM) established 15 special purpose State companies to undermine local government. If for seven years in power the PNM did not help you, how can they help you now that they are not in power?” he said. “How can Rowley and his ragtag band help you?”

Warner scoffed at the change of leadership in the PNM, alleging that new PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley is ten times worse than his predecessor Patrick Manning but not spelling out what that meant. “Where was Rowley when Manning denied you the right to vote on four occasions?” said Warner, saying that if the PNM was still in power, citizens would again be denied to vote in Local Government Elections.

“But now they come like a wolf in sheep’s clothing begging you for the very vote that they had denied you,” he said.

Warner dubbed Rowley a hypocrite who had allegedly not called on the PNM government to deliver to the people. “Where are the dialysis centres? They promised 150 early childhood centres, but to this day they have only erected nine, in seven years.”

In contrast Warner, listed six promises kept by the PP Government. He said the PP has called local elections, established the Life Fund, cancelled the Property Tax, abolished the Revenue Authority, invited bids for laptops, and established a Ministry of the People. “In 49 days!” he trumpeted.


"Jack: Charges for buying old boat"

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