Rahael Group: AG misleading

The group declared that all contracts awarded to its member companies were above board, and not the result of any “political connections.”

The group insisted that it strives to maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability at all times.

In a statement, the group said it wanted to respond to the matters which Ramlogan raised in the Senate which pertained to it.

The group confirmed that Broadway Properties Limited (BPL) and Trinity Housing (THL) were member companies of the Rahael Group. BPL and THL have been involved in construction and real estate development for several years. The group added that BHP was formed in 1990 and has completed many successful developments.

The group said figures which Ramlogan quoted as cost overruns on various projects “are patently false.” “The numbers quoted are generally the original contract awards for the various individual projects.”

The group said: “The tender prices submitted by our companies were the lowest prices submitted by any tenderer for the various projects.” Indicating that the ongoing project administration and construction of projects were governed by FIDIC-type international contracts, the group stressed that BHP and THL have strictly adhered to legal and procedural requirements.

“The awards of these contracts were not as a result of any political connections or influence but were in fact due to the competitive pricing during the public tender process and the track record and expertise of our companies and their management.”

The Rahael Group said it was very concerned that Ramlogan would level these “spurious allegations of corruption against private citizens and companies without any credible evidence whatsoever.” The group said it remains committed to providing quality real estate developments and construction for both the private and public sector, always endeavouring “to maintain the highest level of transparency and accountability at all times.”

In his contribution to debate in the Senate about the state of the country’s economy, Ramlogan referred to the Rahael Group of Companies when he said the People’s Partnership Government and the economy were reeling because of billions of dollars wasted under the former PNM administration. Former health minister John Rahael is the PNM’s local government campaign manager.


"Rahael Group: AG misleading"

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