Sparrow’s family disgusted with death rumours

Rumours that Sparrow had passed away circulated throughout the airwaves and on various websites yesterday, prompting shock among many of his fans. His family is calling it a vicious act.

Margaret Francisco, Sparrow’s wife, said Sparrow is alive and well and is resting comfortably. She said he is still awaiting results of his recent medical tests. She noted that this is not the first time that death rumours have affected her family.

“This is not the first time people are spreading death rumours concerning my husband. I think it is vicious and I hope that the people who started it would understand the effects that they are causing on his family. They are causing unwanted stress for my family,” Francisco said.

Sparrow, whose illness is yet to be diagnosed, has been the centre of much attention after appearing in a wheelchair as part of the cast at NAPA Fest. Those who attended the concert saw a mere shadow of the charismatic performer.


"Sparrow’s family disgusted with death rumours"

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