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Tuesday 12 December 2017

MENtality for progressive men

Conceptualized and designed with “men in mind,” Newsday’s MENtality magazine has brought back the meaning of true creativity and innovation.

The Sunday men’s magazine was launched at the Carlton Savannah, St Ann’s on July 20.

Advertisers, stakeholders, Newsday staff and well wishers toasted their shot glasses to a magazine that represents progressive men.

Newsday’s project officer Simone Walters-Rocke said MENtality is the first local weekly magazine that focuses on males.

“Newsday is known for being innovative and ever evolving. Although our family of weekly, monthly and quarterly supplements appeal to all walks of life, we felt that something was missing.

“So, we reviewed our and our competitor’s offerings and realised that there was an opportunity to cater to and reach today’s man,” she said.

She described the new age man as conscious of fashion, health, grooming, cultivating and maintaining successful relationships as well as sports, technology, music and of course, almost anything motorised.

MENtality also translates into a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to directly reach the sophisticated male market. The magazine has received positive feedback and suggestions for improvement by the advertising community.

Danielle Pillai, Nissan Brand Specialist at Neal and Massy Automotive Ltd said MENtality creates great marketing opportunities for them.

“The style of the magazine provides a direct correlation with our target market, which is 25-50 year olds. We always look forward for this type of opportunity and welcome it from Newsday,” she said.

Mario’s Pizzeria operations manager, Ryan Harford, said nothing compares to MENtality.

“The magazine has a very good concept. The quality of both the content and paper is very good. Nonetheless a couple of things still have to be tweaked for it to be excellent,” he said.

Dennis Ramdeen, managing director of Pepper-E digital, gave positive reviews of the magazine as well.

“One size does not fit all anymore. Any product that targets men is going to be successful, it all depends on how you keep up the product,” he said.

MENtality encompasses seven sections that covers all walks of life.

These include Lifestyle Mentality, Fitness Mentality, Music Mentality, Tech Mentality, Brain Food, Fashion Mentality and trends and Gentlemen of The Week (GOTW).

The last section allows attractive and progressive local men to be featured along with their biographies and personal interviews done with Newsday.

Every week there is a chance to win $1,000 cash by simply texting the given CODE to 4557. The Code changes every week and each text costs $2 on both networks.

The opportunity is available for co-branding with your client’s products/services on MENtality and during the week in newspaper promos.

Additionally, readers can nominate their collegues, relatives, friends or co-workers as the GOWT.

Their names pictures and answers to the GOTW questions will be required upon entry. Additionally, a competition will begin where 12 gentlemenwill be picked to star in our 2011 Calendar. Now men and women have something to look forward to every Sunday, for a magazine of the future.


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