Digicel deny spying, TSTT stays quiet

Digicel said it did not have the capability to “carry out these actions” but suggested that it cooperated with the Ministry of National Security on an undisclosed matter of national security in keeping with the terms of its licence.

“Digicel has no control or insight into who has been monitored. Digicel was also assured that the equipment would be used solely for investigating issues of national security and our compliance was therefore in keeping with our licence to operate.”

Digicel said the equipment used for the “national surveillance was purchased and is therefore owned and operated by the Ministry of National Security”. According to the Telecommunications Act 2001 (Act 4 of 2001), subsection 37 (e) states the licensee is required, “upon request made by the Minister of National Security and subject to any written law to collaborate with the ministry in matters of national security”.

State-owned TSTT, in a statement yesterday, said it preferred not to make a statement on the matter. “Following recent disclosures on the issue of wiretapping and the decision of the Government to engage the office of DPP to consider further inquiries, TSTT wishes to decline from making any public comment on the matter at this time.

The public can be assured however that the company will fully cooperate with the relevant authorities on any investigations into the matter,” said TSTT.


"Digicel deny spying, TSTT stays quiet"

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