Minister to seek advice on TSTT

“I am to be advised by the Minister of National Security and the Attorney General as to what action I should take,” George, the line minister for TSTT, said yesterday when questioned by reporters at a media event at the Port of Port-of-Spain. “I am still trying to wrap my mind around as to what I should do but I await the guidance and advice of the Minister of National Security and the AG who are the ministers who have responsibility in this area,” he said.

George said the matter was a cause for concern.

“All of us should be concerned about the use of state resources for illegal activity, it goes without saying,” he said.

In a statement issued on Monday, State-owned TSTT failed to deny being commandeered to facilitate the surveillance operations of the SIA.

“Following recent disclosures on the issue of wiretapping and the decision of the Government to engage the office of the DPP to consider further inquiries, TSTT wishes to decline from making any public comment on the matter at this time. The public can be assured however that the company will fully cooperate with the relevant authorities on any investigations into the matter,” said TSTT.

Privately-owned TSTT competitor Digicel, in a statement also issued on Monday, confirmed co-operating with the Ministry of National Security in its surveillance activities. SIA fell under that ministry.

“Digicel was also assured that the equipment would be used solely for investigating issues of national security and our compliance was therefore in keeping with our license to operate,” Digicel said. At the same time, it said it never monitored customer accounts itself and did not know who was being monitored, even as it co-operated with the ministry.

The Communication Workers Union yesterday called for a forensic investigation of TSTT in relation to the issue.

George, a Government Senator, revealed that he will make a guest appearance in Parliament on Friday, when debate on legislation regulating wiretapping is expected to begin. However, George said, on Friday he will be dealing with another issue in answer to a Parliament question: the tenure of Acting WASA CEO Ganga Singh.


"Minister to seek advice on TSTT"

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