UK Women’s Club Tea Party and Fashion Show

The Tea Party and Fashion Show was held at the residence of the UK High Commissioner, Eric Jenki-nson and his wife, Maire (the Club’s Patron). The afternoon proved enchanting and rewarding for guests looking for that exceptional piece to wear to that special occasion.

UKWC Fundraising Com-mittee Chairperson, Sam-antha Mayhew, the Manag-ement Committee and other Club members devoted much energy and time to this fundraiser and they were rewarded by its huge success.

Special mention and much praise is given to UKWC member Sylvia Carlin – fashion director for the show who poured her creative talent in putting together the fashion segment. She truly achieved her aim to merge the UK and Trinidad and Tobago fashion in a unique and exciting way.

The UK Women’s Club continues to do phenomenal work very quietly. In addition, over the last 40 plus years, the UK Women’s Club with the help of their devoted and generous sponsors, have donated in excess of TT$4million to many deserving charities in Trinidad and Tobago.

To quote a UK Women’s Club member – “the UKWC of Trinidad and Tobago, is through all of its members, a living, breathing embodiment of its aims of – friendship and service”.


"UK Women’s Club Tea Party and Fashion Show"

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