‘Mighty Striker’ dies at 81

Those around in the early 60s, knew of Striker’s hardhitting political and social commentary calypsos. He won the Calypso Monarch for two consecutive years. In 1958, he won with the songs, ‘‘Don’t Blame the PNM’’ and ‘‘Can’t Find a Job to Suit Me’’ and the following year, defended his crown with the songs, ‘‘Ban the Hoola Hoop’’ and ‘‘Comparison’’.

Reacting to Oblington’s death, Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston ‘‘Gypsy’’ Peters yesterday said: “It’s a great loss to the Calypso fraternity and an even greater personal loss to me, because he was like a father to me. He contributed so much. We are definitely going to miss him. But his good work will forever live on and that’s one of the things of being good. May his soul rest in peace.”

Calypso King of the World, the “Mighty Sparrow” (Slinger Francisco) was struggling to contain his emotions when he spoke of Oblington’s death. Francisco said he was extremely “broken up” over his friend’s death.

“I just couldn’t take it,” Francisco said, his voice breaking with emotion. He paused for a moment to compose himself. “Things coming all at once,” he added, referring to his return home from New York to be greeted with the death of Calypsonian Conqueror (Leroy Paul) last week and now Oblington. “It hit me hard. I tried to put things behind me today at NAPA, but the death of one’s friends...it’s a lot to take,” Francisco said.


"‘Mighty Striker’ dies at 81"

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