New political comedy at Queen’s Hall

However the political intrigue and bacchanal mounts at the Conference hotel downtown where the speech is to be made. Bacchanal brews from secret deals gone hilariously wrong with a certain businessman minister, to a stranded deputy prime minister in a broken down water taxi, to corruption about to be unveiled by a nosey reporter and dissent and confusion among delegates on the conference floor.

This is the plot behind The Prime Minister’s Speech, the new political comedy from the acclaimed producers of the hit plays Mary Could Dance, Love Thy Neighbour, De Biggest Maco, and Men Are Dogs. Producers Ricardo Samuel (RS) Productions and Richard Ragoobarsingh (RR) Productions take a satirical look at contemporary politics in Trinidad and Tobago

The Prime Minister’s Speech is a scandalous political comedy like never before that will leave an audience gasping for breath as the ridiculous series of events unfold, as we get an unparalleled insight into the manoeuvrings of politicians to stay on message and cope with fast unravelling PR disasters. How does the press secretary get ministers to not talk out of turn, cover up drunken and sexual indiscretions, and deal with crisis after crisis and not lose control?

Mix in a colourful multitude of noisy protesters outside the hotel venue, from public sector workers wanting more than five percent, nurses, doctors, police and gays and lesbians wanting equal rights and you have an explosion of riotous events that will leave an audience in stitches of laughter.

The Prime Minister’s Speech, premieres tonight at Queen’s Hall and runs until Sunday. Among its stellar cast, are Richard Ragoobarsingh, Glenn Davis, Aaron Schneider, Ria Ali, Roger Dickie, Caroline Taylor, and Patti Ann Ali. It is directed by award winning Debra Boucaud Mason.


"New political comedy at Queen’s Hall"

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